Audible vs. Storytel­čôÜ

I recommend to go for Audible because it has a wide catalogue of books and most of the people may not listen to more than 1 audiobook a month.

Audible vs. Storytel

audible vs Storytel

Audible has a wide range of audiobooks in its library, almost all books available in the Amazon store has an audible version. It cost you just Ôé╣199/month and you get 1 audiobook free every month.


  • You can listen to the free audiobooks you get every month even if you cancel the subscription.┬á
  • You can swap any audiobook you don’t like for Free.


  • Only 1 audiobook is given free every month if you want to listen to more than 1 audiobook in a month you need to buy additionally (@30% discount).


Storytel costs you Ôé╣299/month but you can listen to any number of audiobooks every month.


  • Unlimited audiobooks in a month.
  • Effectively cheaper than Audible (if you listen to more than 1 audiobook in a month).


  • Storytel has a limited collection of audiobooks compare to Audible.
  • You need an active subscription to continue to listen to any audiobook.

Audible vs. Storytel

Audible vs. storytel

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